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Meet Vase Buddy, an elegant solution for arranging flowers like a pro! Crafted from high quality silicone, Vase Buddy is a flexible, stretchy grid that stretches neatly over the rim of your favourite vase, holding flowers in place, making arranging super easy.

Being washable and reusable, Vase Buddy replaces the need for toxic floral foam, tape or fussy chicken-wire when arranging and allows for water in the vase to be changed regularly. Simply slip it off and on again once the water has been replaced without losing the design of the arrangement.  

Vase Buddy was born with a purpose to making gorgeous floral vase arrangements super easy for anyone! It is the easiest way to construct a perfect arrangement with fewer flowers: It maintains structure and prevents flowers flopping to the side of the vase that can happen with long-stemmed flowers in wide-mouthed containers.

Designed and manufactured in Johannesburg, South Africa, we supply wholesalers, retailers, professional florists and flower enthusiasts alike.

Vase Buddy is the brainchild of Bridget Breen; a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) and avid flower adorer. Through the invaluable input from Richard Wiederhold, from Advanced Valves, Vase Buddy truly delivers on its promise of inspiring beautiful floral arrangements.